About Me

I started playing the guitar way back in 1992, inspired I think by a heady mix of Guns n Roses, Bill and Ted and Marty McFly.
I had private lessons, quickly picked up the rudiments of rock guitar playing and promptly formed a band with my friends.
I went on to study Music at GCSE level and, although I chose to study English at University, it was while at Uni that I really got going with music, playing in Indie rock bands at venues such as the Institute of Contemporary Arts in Trafalgar Square and supporting high profile bands like the Strokes.
As I got older, I developed an interest in the more formal aspects of music, taught myself how to read notation and studied jazz and classical styles.
I recently spent 2 months in Central America as a cruise ship orchestra guitarist; a fantastic experience that really honed my sight reading and performing skills.
I’m currently busy performing jazz guitar gigs in and around the Salisbury area and have a busy private guitar teaching practice.