Music Life In Lock-down

When the lock-down came into effect however many weeks ago (I’ve lost count!) I was initially very worried about the effect it would have on my business. In the previous three years I’d managed to build up a busy private teaching practice and was due to start teaching in a new school the very week lock-down began. I was also looking forward to the busy Summer season of gigs.

For about 2 weeks everything was put on hold which I must admit I found quite depressing. Gradually however it became clear that online teaching was going to be the way forward. I’d never taught a guitar lesson online before the lock-down though I’ve long been intrigued by the possibility and interested in how it might work. I was really happy to discover that students and parents alike were just as keen to move their lessons online. My first week of Skype lessons was actually incredibly nerve-wracking for me. I was worried about technical issues as well as my ability to communicate effectively via a video platform. However, as is often the case, my fears were largely unfounded and thus far it’s been an enjoyable experience. I’m incredibly grateful for the internet!

Musicians are often home-bodies or introverts and I’m no exception. But the lock-down has caused me to think even more about how to use my time at home and how I can make the most of my environment. Over the past 3 months I’ve completely transformed my home studio, creating a fantastic space in which to create and, when the lock-down lifts, to teach in person again. I’ve written and recorded an album of contemporary jazz which I’ve even managed to get on a radio station: Smooth Jazz Global and am currently working on album number 2. I really miss playing gigs and was sorry to have to cancel those I had lined up for this Summer but I’m happy to say I’m starting to get inquiries for Summer 2021.

As lock-down restrictions begin to ease, it’s still very hard to say when gigs or in person lessons will start happening again, or how they’ll look when they do. But I’m grateful for the past 3 months for the opportunity it’s given me to expand my life in directions I might not have considered otherwise.

If you are thinking about having online guitar lessons or you’re looking to book a musician for an event next year, please do get in touch, I look forward to hearing from you!




Salisbury Wedding Show

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Professional Experience

Here’s a list of some of the artists I’ve worked with:

Noybel Gorgoy

Ashlie Amber

Teacake Ferguson

Jesse Hamilton Jr

Salvatore Hasard

Cruise Ship Gigs

Last year (March and April 2018) I had a great experience playing in a cruise ship orchestra on board the Celebrity Infinity. Our itinerary took us from Buenos Aires, around Cape Horn and finishing up in Fort Lauderdale. I worked with some fantastic musicians and it was a great opportunity to play to packed houses every night. It really raised my guitar playing to the next level!